A radar detector is a device that is used to detect the radar signals. These detectors are commonly used by the motorist while traveling because these signals monitor the police radar signals and inform the user. There are many types and models of radar detectors.

Whistler Radar Detector-Review

Whistler is a brand that manufactures radar detectors. This brand offers many important and useful features apart from radar detection. The cost of this brand depends on upon the model and type of detector.

Characteristics of whistler

Whistler brand has many new models in the industry with improved technology. Certain important characteristics are  listed below.


The performance of the whistler brand is high in the detection of signals. This detector detects the signals of the police easily. It detects three radar signals such as K, Ka, and X which are used by the police. This brand uses LIDAR detector of laser detector for detecting the signals.

Discrete tri-colored LED

This detector brand offers a tricolor LED system for determining the radar signals and alerting the user. The colors in the LED change according to the distance of the radar signal. The LED is either a high-resolution LED or organic LED.

Filter modes

The filter mode is used by the user to increase the level of integration of the signal. It filters all the unwanted radar signals detected by the device and alerts the user for the important signals alone.


This detector uses three modes for detecting the signals. These three modes are based on the city and highway modes. In the city mode, the radar detector detects the signals of various radar guns also.

Alert priority

The alert signal alerts the user prior before reaching the signal. It uses a continuous alert system that alerts the user to be careful. This detector warns the user by voice and LED. The voice is clear and audible.


This system use LED display; this display also alerts prior before reaching the hazard. The display also views the distance between the obstacle and about the speed. It also warns the driver for over speed.


The GPS device is used by certain brands of whistler; this system offers high performance. There are many advantages in connecting a GPS device with the radar. When the alert signal does not change the location, the GPS signal is used to track the exact position of the obstacle.

These are the few important benefits of whistler brand and the top selling brands of whistler brand are given below.

  • Whistler XTR-140 Laser/Radar Detector with Exclusive Twin-Alert Periscopes
  • Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar Detector
  • Whistler XTR-130 Laser/Radar Detector with High Gains Lens
  • Whistler CR85 High-Performance Laser-Radar Detector with Ka Max Mode
  • Whistler Pro-78SE High-Performance Radar Detector
  • Whistler XTR-658 Radar-Laser Detector


This brand has many important useful benefits. This detector offers 360-degree complete protection to the user and makes an alert signal to the user. The cost of the whistler detector depends on the model. Some brands of this detector cost below 50 dollars. It offers complete safety and protection to the user with high performance.

Whistler Radar Detector

Key features: High Gains lens, High Performance.

Pros: 360 degree complete protection, Complete safety.

These are the various features of whistler radar detectors. If you feel this article is useful share this with your friends.