Radar signals are used by the police to check the speed of vehicles. The radar detectors detect such radar signals and give alert to the motorist. This detector is commonly used in many American, European and Asian countries.

Where To Mount Radar Detectors

A common question that arises with many motorists is, “where to mount the radar detectors?”. Generally, the radar detectors cannot be mounted on all the areas; they should be mounted in the place, where it can operate efficiently to produce a wide coverage area.

Mounting schemes

There are three types of mounting schemes used for mounting the radar detectors in the vehicle. They are

  • Mounted on the grill
  • Mounted high on the windshield
  • Mounted low on the windshield

Mounted on the grill

The radar detectors may be mounted on the grill of the vehicle. Only few radar detectors can be mounted on the grill. Other radar detector’s function and coverage get affected with grill mounting. The common type of radar detector that is mounted in the grill is the V2 radar detector.

Mounted high on the windshield

This is a useful method of mounting the radar detector as it offers a wide range of coverage. The important drawback of this mounting is that the radar detector is placed in a place where other persons can easily find it. Placing high may affect the visual obstruction. Mostly, all the radar detectors can be mounted high on the windshield.

Mounting on the low windshield

The best place to keep the radar detector is, to place low on the windshield. This will offer a high range of support to the user, as it eliminates all the drawbacks of aforementioned. It also provides high range of coverage and it affects visual obstruction. Placing it lower will never be visible to other persons and it will detect the radar beams easily. This will offer complete 360-degree coverage. The important drawback is the early detection.

Permanent installation

The best mounting method is by the permanent installation. This will detect a high range of radar signals and gives alert to the user. This device is permanently mounted and it cannot be seen easily by other persons. Though this method is useful, the drawback of this method is it is very hard to detect the radar signals with lesser strength. So, this installation offers an early warning. Installing a detector is very tough compared to mounting.


These are the various places with which the radar detector can be mounted. But the key point to be noted is that the region in which the radar detector has to be mounted depends on the type of radar detector used. Many radar detectors are designed based on the installation and these have specific mounting mechanisms. These detectors have manual instruction about mounting it.

So, mount the detectors based on the instruction and enjoy your driving experience. Hope this article was useful to you.