A radar detector is used to safeguard the driver from the police. There are many types of radar detectors available in the market. Among them, escort brand provides complete support to the users with many innovative technologies and applications.

Escort Redline Radar Detector-Review

An important product from the escort brand is the Escort redline radar detector. This product is specially designed with unique features. This is a sensitive detector that can detect the radar signals in long range.


Various characteristics of this detector are listed below.


This product has superior signal detection. It is capable of detecting the signals such as X, K, and Ka; which are used by the police officers. This detector also traps the safer warning signals that warn about accident and traffic. The redline detector has superior long range ability and less false alarms.


This device offers tone alarm method to the users. Many devices with tone alarm method do not offer volume adjustment; in turn, this device offers a full and complete range of volume adjustment to the user. The volume can be adjusted from its higher level to mute. The audio output is given by a bar chart display on the display screen.

Auto mute

Auto mute is an important feature in the Escort redline radar detector. This will lower the voice inside the vehicle as soon as the signal is detected. When the signal is closer, the voice tone is muted, it resumes after the vehicle crosses the particular area. This device also has an option to turn the auto mute program off.

Sensitivity button

The sensitivity button is used to switch ON the sensitivity mode of the detector. It turns ON the redline sensitivity mode that detects the radar signals with higher efficiency. In the auto mode, the sensitivity is turned ON automatically, whereas in the normal mode, the driver should switch ON the sensitivity if it is needed.


This device detects a wide range of police vehicles and other hazards; it cannot be detected by other radars such as VG2, spectra etc; used by police. This phenomenon is offered by the total RF shield capacity.


This radar detector offers a wide range of detection and detects many signals efficiently. The display and the alert mechanisms are efficient. The day and night mode will help the user to adjust the brightness of the device. The warning signal is given priorly by the device so that the user escapes from getting a speeding ticket. This device, intimates the user about accidents, traffic etc, and enables the driver to drive safely. Dual antenna design offers longest detection range. This device also offers next generation Laser design and high definition display.


This detector offers efficient detection devoid of the false alarms. This detector acts as a key device with advanced warning and is useful for the drivers who require advance warnings about the radar signals. This product does not determine the speed of the user; in turn, it helps the user to reduce their speed when the radar signal is near them.

These are the various characteristics and benefits of the Escort redline radar detector. Hope this article is useful to you. If you like this article, share it with your friends.