By using the radar detector, you can easily detect the radar or lasers.Nowadays, it includes many threats such as the speed cameras, photo radar, and red light cameras. This type of radar detector is capable of detecting all kind of threats in a perfect manner.

Escort Radar Detectors Review

It is considered as one of the safest devices. It can’t be easily tracked by the police.  Escort radar detector is quite different from the other radars. The following article conveys about the special features of the Escort radar detector.


It is designed to have a crystal clear voice alert. You can adjust the volume and brightness of your radar detector.  In several escorts, the reading is displayed in blue color whereas, in other products, the measurements are displayed in red color.  V- Tuned radar provides long distance warning to the users. The digital signal processing helps to minimize the false alerts.

This radar detector consists of many bands such as X band, K band, and super wide Ka-band. The brightness can be adjusted in three levels such as dim, medium and max. It is designed to have mute, auto mute mode, and three high-resolution meter modes. The sensitive dual antenna is present on it and has stealth technology which can’t be detected by the other police devices.


As the alerts are produced in a crystal clear voice, it is audible to the users. The radar detectors help to save the persons from being caught by the police. While approaching the police radar, it will give you the alert signal.

After the initial alert, it automatically reduces its sound by auto mute mode. Even at the night time, it can be easily found out by the people. It provides 360-degree protection and is capable of receiving the alert signal from different angles.

The auto sensitivity mode detects the real threats of the radar.  It produces more effective results than the other radars.


The cost of the escort radar detector may vary based on the special features that are equipped with it.  It is also in accordance with the color, design, style and size. The starting price of the product is $ 200 and it goes up to $ 600.


As it does not have GPS system, it performs less than the other radars  being equipped with the GPS system radars. When it lacks GPS, the radar detector does not give the warning signal to the users. Several products in this brand cost expensive than the others available in the market.

Escort Radar Detectors

Key features: crystal clear voice alerts, Reading is displayed in blue color.

Pros: Adjust the volume and brightness.

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