Radar detectors are devices used by the motorists. This device checks whether the speed is being monitored by the police. Some motorist uses this detector to reduce the speed of their vehicle before crossing the limit.

Best Radar Detectors Under $100

These detectors are commonly used by all the motorists and costs high. Several people use radar detectors to save themselves from the police and to reduce their speed limit. For those who don’t wish to spend much on the detectors, we have featured this article with the products with lower prices.

Radar detectors under $100

The price range of radar detectors usually ranges from $40 to $400. The radar detectors that range below $100 are listed below.

Cobra XRS9370 

Cobra is the best brand that manufactures detectors with innovative technology. This is a high-performance device that has a wide coverage area. It has the capacity to provide advanced warning for the fastest radar guns. The maximum coverage range of this detector is about 1.14 miles.


Various features of this radar detector are as follows.

  • This detector has signals that cannot be detected by the Spectra I and VG2.
  • There are 14, band detection signals in this detector; 1 safety signal, 7 radar signals, and 6 laser signal.
  • This radar detector has intellimute pro feature that makes your radar shut down whenever necessary.
  • Digital view data display offers users to display the detected band signals and it also helps to denote the distance between the signals.
  • This detector also offers the detection of latest radar guns in the vehicles.


This device offers wide range coherence. The high coverage area offers easy recognition of police vehicles. The safety signal notifies the user whenever it detects a radar signal. This device has many important benefits and uses and it ensures safety for the user.

Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar Detector

Key features: Intellimute feature, 14 band detection signals, and digital display.

Pros: Undetectable by spectra I and VG2, maximum coverage area.

Whistler XTR-140 

Whistler detector offers a high range of safety and comfort to the user. This device uses exclusive twin alert periscopes and easy to read icon. These two offers complete support to the user.


The important features of this radar detector are listed below.

  • This detector has an icon display that displays all the information about the signal detected, length and mode of operation.
  • Twin alert periscopes are used in this device; it offers alert to the user along with visual alert.
  • It has 3 city modes, which reduces the false alerts in cities.
  • Added to periscopes, it also has tone alert system.
  • Police vehicles with VG2 detection can be easily detected by this radar.


This provides a complete alert to the user with visual and tone alert. It can also detect the persons with radar guns. This radar detector detects the police vehicles and it makes itself undetectable to them. The coverage range is about 120 miles and the cost of this detector is less.

Whistler XTR-140 Laser/Radar Detector

Key features: VG2 detection, 3 city modes, and twin alert periscopes.

Pros: Offers complete safety, maximum coverage area and tone alert.

JVR laser detector

This is also a low-cost laser detector that with a voice alert. It has a 360-degree radar detection and 16 band protection. It offers complete support to the user and gives an alert whenever it detects a radar signal.


  • The laser eye offers 360-degree complete protection to all the users.
  • This radar detector offers both city and highway modes, these modes detect only the important radar signals.
  • This detector detects many radar signals and makes it undetectable for the VS2 detector.
  • The voice alert alerts the user with a clear voice. The led indicates the radar type and the display the strength, distance of the signal.
  • It also has the auto mute technology, by which it automatically shut off whenever it gets detected.


The important benefit in this radar is the use of voice alert system; this system alerts the user whenever a radar signal is detected. This device is durable and it ensures complete safety to the user.

JVR laser detector

Key features: VG2 detection, city and highway modes, 360-degree coverage.

Pros: Voice alert, auto mute and offers comfort.

These are the top 3 radar detectors that cost below $100. So, choose the detector that suits you and share it with your friends.