Basically, the radar detector is a device which is used to detect the signals from the lasers or any other police devices. Nowadays, you can download the app and use it on your phone. Separate apps are available for the android and apple iPhones; where some apps require purchasing while the others are available at free of cost.

Best Police Radar Detector App

The app offers the superior range of protection to the users. Its special features help to detect the various danger zones and prevent the people from being trapped by the police. We have listed some of the police radar detector apps that are rated high.

Speed radar detector

The app enables the users to view the location of the camera on the map, which is available on the phone. The app warns when you are approaching the speed cameras, mobile radars, traffic lights and danger zone. You can download the app in the android phones.

Key features:  City and highway mode.

Pros: Offers warning signal.

Radardroid Lite International

The app will give you a visual and audible warning when you are approaching any speed camera in the database. This app plays a significant role in lowering the speeding tickets. If you are XIAOMI, ZTE and MIUI user, it is necessary to change the settings in the security level, before using the app. It is available in free as well as paid version and it suits for android phones. The app gets powered by analog mobility and activity recognition.

Key features: Analog mobility, activity recognition.

Pros: Visual and audible warning, reduces the speeding tickets.

Cobra iRadar

The  radar detector can submit the location of the police or speed camera.

It is the world’s first largest community to detect the laser or any other cameras in the surrounding areas. As it is designed to have city or highway mode, it can reduce the false alerts and gives the alert signals to your smartphones. The radar display on the screen is readable by the users.Also, you can adjust the brightness and volume of the alert signal.

Key features:  City/ highway mode.

Pros:  Reduces the false alerts, provides great protection.

Police traps and Speed cams

The app helps to show the police traps, police radar, speed cams, accidents and other traffic disturbances. It is considered as a major advantage of the app and offers a high range of protection to the users. You can mute the sound of the alert signal. After getting the alert signal, you can decrease the speed of your vehicle.

Key features: various modes.

Pros: Displays the accidents, police radar.

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