The radar detector can be used to detect the police cameras. It alerts you about the arrival of the police. The device  can be installed in the car or on the bike. But nowadays, just a smartphone and an internet connection is enough to detect the location of the police.

Best Police Locator App

Many apps are available to find out the presence of police in the surrounding area. Some apps are free of cost while others, requires purchasing it. Depending upon the phone you have, the usage differs.  Certain apps suit the android phones whereas others suit the apple phones. We have suggested a list of the best police locator apps for you.

What is a Police app?

This app can be used in the android phones. Within a second, it will track the area of the police present and alerts you to reduce the speed of the vehicle and escape from the speeding tickets. This app is considered as the safest one that can’t be tracked by anyone. It also plays a major role in tracking the nearest police station.

The main purpose of the app is to share the information of police raids, police cameras, heavy traffic and facilitates to be used by all the persons and drivers. The data stored in the online system provides you the map regarding the location of the police within few seconds. Every time the data get refreshed frequently to give you clear information about the location of police. It uses the Google maps through to detect the location.

Police Radar 2015 app

It is used to detect the speed cameras, dangers, radars, etc. The app can be used, even at the time of driving. The alert sound from it won’t distract the users and they can have a safe journey. As it is available in 30 languages, it can be used by people of different countries.

It can be used either in day time or in the night time.  You can use the app with or without using the navigator.

Police Alert app

This kind of app is used to detect the presence of the police. The users can easily escape from being caught by the police. The best thing about the app is that it will show you the location of the police; whether they are on the street or on the highways. In case you approach the speed cameras, it will alert you by providing the notifications. It will be displayed on the lock screen.

Through the GPS system, you can receive the notification in the email to search the area in the map. It will save your money by escaping from the fines and other penalties.

Police traps and Speed cams

By using the app, you can easily detect the area of the presence of the police, speed cameras, red light cameras, radar, and traffic hazards etc. that are close to your GPS regions. It will notify by giving the alert signal to the users few kilometres, prior to the police present area.

It can give you the information quickly within a few seconds without any error. This app can be used in the android phones.

Speed radar detector

The app enables the users to view the location of the camera on the map, which is available on the phone. It will give you the location of the police and the direction of the signals of the laser. The app provide warnings when you approach the speed cameras, mobile radars, traffic lights and danger zone. You can download the app in the android phones. While driving, the warning signal won’t disturb the people.

Radar Beep

It is a free app. The mobile phone integrates with the GPS navigator to find out the correct location of the speed cameras, red light cameras, radar, police check points etc. Soon after detecting the signal, it will notify the users with an alert.

As it is available in different languages, it can be used in various countries. It will estimate the speed of your vehicle with the database present on the online system. The app will turn on/off with respect to the connection of the phone with the bluetooth of the car.

Radardroid Lite International

The app will give you a visual and audible warning when you approach any speed camera in the database.  The main advantage of the app is that it will show you the region where the police officers are. So by using the app, the users can easily escape from the police.

This app plays a significant role in lowering the speeding tickets. If you are any one of the XIAOMI, ZTE, MIUI user, change the settings in the security level before using it.  The app will give you a warning alert.  It is available in free as well as paid version and it is compatible with android phones. The app gets powered by analog mobility and activity recognition.

The app is the safest one which can be used in your phones. By using the police locator app, you can save your money and escape from the punishments. You can also inform  your friends too. If you like this article, you can share with your friends or rate the app.