Radar detectors help to detect the use of radar signals around their surroundings. Whenever these detectors trace radar signal, they intimate it to the motorist with the help of the light or voice tone. This method is considered to be an older method and the advanced method is the usage of radar app.

Best Free Radar Detector App

The radar app is useful and it alerts the user whenever it traces a radar signal. It continuously monitors the signal and informs it to the user through mobile. There are many paid apps and unpaid apps based on the detector.

Top free radar detector apps

There are many apps recommended for radar detector and this constitutes both paid and free apps. Among all apps, the free apps rank the first and the top free apps used for radar detectors are listed below.

Traffic, Radars & GPS – Free

The traffic, radar, and GPS app detects the radar signals and also informs the user about the traffic. This app has many useful features as listed below.

  • This app offers a 2D/3D map facility. This facility can be used by the user to identify the roads, streets, and places.
  • It can also be used as a background app that runs in the background; it informs about various incidents and warns you about signals.
  • This app provides alert to the user when he is detected or trapped by any signal; about upcoming junction, about the accidents and traffic.
  • This app also has; day and night mode, and bike mode

This app suits all the persons and keeps them away from traffic. The user gets an immediate alert through the mobile and acts accordingly.

Speed Cameras – Free with In-app Purchases

This app works based on GPS and it has many innovative features for advanced mobile technology. Some important features are listed below.

  • You can use this app to check the speed limit of the road. It makes the speed limit visible on the mobile by which the user can view it and drive accordingly.
  • This app provides both audio and visual warning for the user.
  • This app also informs the user about the speed limit and about exceeding the limit.
  • It connects other drivers to obtain more information about work. It also informs the user about the hidden camera.
  • Radar technology offers a high level of detection of radar signals and alerts the user.

These features make this app useful and also it offers complete comfort to the user.

Speed Camera Radar – Free

This app is used to detect hazards on the road such as red light camera, speed cameras, speed bumps bad roads etc. Certain important features are listed below.

  • This application uses the details and database of obstacle and hazards detected by other drivers.
  • It informs these details to the user in advance, so that they can avoid such disturbances while driving.
  • The workflow of the application greatly differs from the hardware and this app supports the person in many countries.
  • This application alerts the user with the help of the sound and it also displays the obstacle in the map.
  • It also offers 3D tilt map support to the user.
  • This app can be used to detect the hazards before it arrives and safeguards the user.

Police traps and speed camera – Free

This is also a radar detector app specially designed to keep the user aware of the police. This app traps the police with the help of their radar gun. Other features of this app are listed below.

  • This app informs the user about the speed cams, radar guns, speed tracking devices, speed camera, accidents and traffic disturbances.
  • To use this app, it requires Google map facility.
  • This app does not require an SD card and has chat functions too.
  • This app warns the driver about various traps and it can also transfer the information to other drivers.

Cobra iRadar – Free 

This is an iradar app that serves many functions similar to the iradar detector. The important features of this app are listed below.

  • This app offers visual alerts to the user by the visual alert system.
  • It helps to detect the live police and radar signals and alerts user both in audio and in visual ways.
  • This app also detects radar guns and provides full 360-degree protection to the user.

These are the top 5 free apps for detecting radar signal. If you feel this is useful then share this in your social websites.