The radar detectors play a major role in preventing the persons from being trapped by the police. While approaching the police or any other fixed cameras, it will indicate you by giving the warning signal to the users.

Beltronics Radar Detectors Review

The Beltronics radar detector has more important features than the other radars. The below information shows the importance of the Beltronics radar detector.


It is equipped with the new auto scan mode. The radar detector has a built-in GPS system. By using this system, it can detect the location of the speed traps and traffic cameras. As it consists of the database about the locations of the fixed cameras, there is no chance of getting the false alerts from the radar.

The radar includes multiple threat detector features, which provide the information about the signals from the multiple. The special feature about the product is that it has three different driving modes; highway, auto, auto no X. It includes POP detection feature which helps to alert the users when the POP radar is in use.  The reading is visible on the LED screen of the alphanumeric display.


Beltronics radar detectors are used to detect the police speed camera, radar or laser signals coming from the surrounding environment. The false alerts can be eliminated by auto scan mode. Ultra bright text display, provides the clear display of the information which can be read from any angle. It is specially designed to have varactor-tuned receiver; it offers superior protection for extended periods from the threatening of the radar.

It gives warning alerts to the users of the red light cameras. You can disable one or more bands, to eliminate the false alert coming from the radar detector. By using the highway mode, the radar can detect the bands from the long distance as possible. The auto mode can adjust the sensitivity. Auto no X resembles the auto mode but it filters the X-band alerts.

This radar detector offers 360-degree protection from the signals of the lasers. The major advantage is that it saves people from getting tickets. This radar detector can be easily installed not only, on different types of cars, but also in the motorcycles.


It does not have the capacity to detect the false alerts. This radar detector does not work well in the bad weather conditions. Sometimes, it produces the false alerts.


The price of the Beltronics radar detector costs lower than the other radar detectors, which are available in the market.

Beltronics Radar Detectors

Key features: Detect police speed camera, Laser signals comming from surrounding Environment.

Pros: Highway mode, Adjust the sensitivity.

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