Radar detectors are used to detect the radar signals. These radar detectors are commonly used in vehicles such as a car, and a bike, to determine the radar signals of the police. This detector intimates the drivers about police and helps them to escape themselves from the speed ticket.

5 Best Traffic Radar Detector

Other than that, the improved version of the detectors has various special features such as speed detection and accident detection sensors that help to detect the traffic in that area. This detection will help the user to avoid the traffic.

Top picks of traffic radar detector

There are several types of radar detectors in the market, but only a few improved model of radar detectors have traffic control technology; those radar detectors are listed below.

PictureNameBest FeaturePriceOur Ratings

Cobra XRS9470 Voice Alert 14 Band Radar/Laser Detector
Superfast$3.8 Stars (3.8 / 5)
Escort passport 9500ix radar detector red display

Compatible$$$4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar Detector

Alert Priority$$3.8 Stars (3.8 / 5)

Valentine One Radar Detector

Arrow Directional Indicators$$$$4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Uniden LRD450 Laser Radar Detector

Long Range$$4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Cobra XRS9470 

Cobra detector is the top selling detector with various features and functions. It offers 360-degree full coverage to the user and also has a high-quality display.the various features of this brand are listed below.

  • This has 14 band detection signals, among them, 7 are used as laser signal, 6 are used as radar signal and 1 is used as a safety alert signal.
  • The undetectable mode is also an important feature of this detector and this detector detects signals from the devices of police and informs them to the user.
  • It also has the city and the highway modes and operates according to the situation. Intelli mute pro-technology shut–off the device; whenever the device is detected.
  • Pop mode offers the detection of harm signals like radar guns. This detector offers complete support to the user and it provides a best possible advance warning to the user.
Cobra XRS9470 Voice Alert 14 Band Radar/Laser Detector

Key features: Intelli mute technology, 360-degree coverage, and pop mode.

Pros: undetectable, city/highway modes and high-quality display.

Escort passport 9500ix radar detector red display

This is also a brand of radar detector that helps to detect the traffic signals. Other than the traffic signals, this detector detects various other signals such as the police radar signals, accident radar signals and signals from radar guns.

  • This detector offers to blister all-band protection with 360-degree laser and radar detection.
  • The radar detection operates at various speeds depending on the modes and it offers auto learn feature.
  • It can be easily equipped with GPS system that can be used to locate the radar signal correctly.
  • This device lacks only one alert technique which is over-speed. It also offers a smart card with Bluetooth facility.
Escort passport 9500ix radar detector red display

Key features: GPS system, 360-degree coverage and operates at various speed.

Pros: Smart card with Bluetooth facility, undetectable, city/highway modes.

Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar Detector

The whistler radar detector is a detector that detects the radar and laser accurately. the accurate detection is done with the help of GPS feature. Other important features of this detector are listed below.

  • The performance of the whistler radar detector is high and it offers complete 360-degree detection to the user.
  • This device offers power ON self-test with which; it automatically tests its display, LED, and sensors automatically.
  • The volume level of the alert signal can be adjusted; this can be done either manually or automatically. It also has an external audio jacket alert. This allows the user to hear the alert through headphones or through external signals.
  • This device detects K, X, and Ka bands and also offer pop-up alerts. It detects the signal efficiently and helps to give advance alerts.
  • It also has an undetectable mode and auto quiet mode to make itself off when the detected signals are near.
  • There are 3 city modes and a highway mode in this device.
Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar Detector

Key features: 3 city/ highway modes, power ON self-test and 360-degree protection.

Pros: GSM technology, adjustable volume level and undetectable.

Valentine One Radar Detector

The best-suited radar detectors that offer a high performance is the valentine one radar detector. This detector is compatible with any mobile phones and can be used both in bikes and cars. The various features of this detector are listed below.

  • This detector uses advanced detection method by which, it can easily detect the radar signals such as K, X, Ka and super wideband Ka detection.
  • Radar detection and alarm method is interconnected and it alarms the user in advance. By this detector, the user can completely avoid the speed ticket.
  • iPhones and other phones can be easily connected and the alert signal can be received in the mobile phones. They can be connected with the help of a cable.
  • The traditional rectangular shape of this app makes it fit very easily. This device also has an auto mute feature.
  • The arrow directional indicators determine the direction of the alarm signal. It also has a volume control option.
Valentine One Radar Detector

Key features: Radar antennas, volume settings.

Pros: Tracks the multiple areas, gives you alert signal.

Uniden LRD450 Laser Radar Detector

The Uniden radar detector offers complete support and control to the user. Various features of this radar detector are listed below.

  • This device effectively detects the police traffic and accident signals namely K, X, Ka and super band signals.
  • 360-degree protection is offered by the laser of this device. It also has the POP mode detection. It has an undetectable mode that saves the user from police vehicle detectors such as spectra I and IV.
  • This device has an automatic self-test and resets feature. The LED display ensures complete strength to the user.
  • The alert signal is in the form of both tone alert and voice alert. Filter modes filter the unwanted signal and offer alert for the respected signal.
  • It also has city and highway modes that enable easy and better operation to the users. This device also has a volume control feature.
Uniden LRD450 Laser Radar Detector

Key features: 360-degree protection, POP mode, and voice alert.

Pros: Undetectable, detects efficiently and city /highway modes.

These are the top picks of radar detectors in the market, choose the best detector and avoid the traffic. If you feel this article is useful, kindly share it with your friends.